The upscale mountain retreat for modern-day pioneers seeking exceptional outdoor experiences.

The Rocky Mountains northwest of Denver and Boulder are an unprecedented hub of outdoor activity. Sun RV Resorts jumped at the prospect of creating a restorative basecamp for exploring the areas around Grand County, Colorado. Their vision was for the resort to feel rejuvenating, dynamic, spirited, communal, and connected, and they wanted to share their vision with 3D films that captured the unique ascent into the serene plains found inside in the mountain range. They turned to TEN OVER MEDIA.

 With a lot of project content, unique property features, and a singularly remarkable location, our main challenge was to encapsulate it all into content that stayed true to the real-life property. Our priority? To represent the resort as accurately as possible. This meant building everything to scale in 3D--even the glorious backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. We gathered all the drawings & branding documents and developed a video storyline that present an overview of the resort’s vision.

 Sun RV Resorts’ marketing and PR teams used the 3D materials to broadcast on multiple media channels: web, TV, social media, magazines, newsletters, and more. TEN OVER MEDIA was able to help the client achieve their goal: beautiful, lifelike marketing material that showcases the vision of the resort and how it works symbiotically with its breathtaking location.