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Creating a Magical Connection with Hospitality, Filmmaking, Architecture and Emotion

Our story begins roughly 29 years ago on the French Riveria. TEN OVER MEDIA’s Creative Director Mathieu Anfosso (link to bio) and his twin brother, film director Remi Anfosso (link to bio), were born and grew up in a charming Bed & Breakfast in this region known the world over for its glamour and beauty.

The Language of Hospitality
The twins observed and participated as their parents made visitors feel right at home – from the initial welcome to a delightful banquet laid out each morning. They gained inspiration and insight from travelers who were discovering the unknown, visiting from all over the world to gain a taste of the area’s luxurious attractions. Their upbringing laid the groundwork of an inherent need to travel; to embrace and understand different cultures.



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Mathieu and Hospitality Architecture

Mathieu’s passion for 3D visualization stems from his background in architecture and applied arts. He earned his Applied Arts degree at the Léonard De Vinci School in Antibes, France. He then went on to earn both his Bachelor’s and Master’s of Architecture at the École Nationale Supérieure d’ Architecture Paris Val-De-Seine in Paris. “Architecture ignited my passion for the unbuilt, while Applied Arts kindled my passion for the visual story,” explains Mathieu.
Mathieu also studied at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California. He went to work for TEN OVER STUDIO, a firm locally known for their commitment to design and business ethics. It was here that he started working on hospitality projects, something he felt he had been groomed for since childhood. “Hospitality projects blend feeling at home with discovering the unknown. This contrast is fascinating,” states Mathieu.
While working on hospitality projects, he was responsible for creating 3D renderings and videos. He quickly realized he wanted to give clients more than a video showcasing architecture features; he wanted to produce marketing videos that tells a story so well that it encourages viewers to pre-book at the property.

Hospitality Marketing Awards Pre-Opening Content Hotels Resorts 3D Advertising Promotional Films TV Commercials Video Campaign Integrated Campaign Property Video Under Construction Renderings Storytelling

Remi’s Passion for Filmmaking

At the age of eight, Remi saw a movie that changed his life and his relationship to filmmaking. For the first time, he realized that words and pictures could convey complex concepts with ease. “During the intense emotions that followed, I realized I wanted to re-create that discovery for other people,” explains Remi. A year later, he borrowed his father’s video camera to shoot his first films. He has not stopped since.
Today, Remi works all over the world as a film & advertising director and producer. Since he and Mathieu have always collaborated on very diverse projects, it has been quite natural to continue. While he lives in Paris, the contracting relationship is seamless. “I really just need a quiet room and a post-production studio,” says Remi. “I am like any remote teammate.”
The twins’ love of travel brings an added benefit to their projects – they seek and find inspiration all over the world. Their video sound effects get an added boost as well. “I record ambient sound from all over the world and use it in TEN OVER MEDIA films,” Remi states.


it’s all about emotion


Growing up, Mathieu and Remi would de-compose movie scenes and try to figure out how the director got them to feel a certain way after a scene. It’s this understanding of emotion that gives their films an advantage. Listening to the client – and reading between the lines – allows Mathieu and Remi to discover the underlying emotion that needs to be told for the story. Together, they ascertain one particular emotion for the project and they build around it. Mathieu curates the details that will help create the feeling; Remi translates the feeling into visuals and sounds. “Emotion is really missing from 3D marketing videos,” states Remi, “and it is the one thing the audience is interested in.”And that’s the end goal – knowing what they want the audience to feel a year from now when they step into the built property and creating that feeling. Mathieu explains, “When we go to an opening of a property, and the feeling is exactly what we created in the video, it’s how we know we’ve hit the mark.”


Meet our team

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