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San Luis Obispo, situated midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco on the coast of California, is a getaway destination for travelers worldwide.

Piazza Hospitality Group’s Hotel SLO is part of a major downtown economic revitalization, creating the first modern urban resort in the growing community’s downtown.

To create pre-opening marketing materials that would communicate the overall vision and exact details of the project, TEN OVER MEDIA was hired to create multiple detailed interior images. We worked from the construction and design documents to create a true representation of the hotel, exactly replicating the furniture pieces, finishes and spaces – all within a very limited timeframe.

The photorealistic renderings can be used at multiple levels; either in their entirety for a general view of the space or cropped to emphasize different sections of it. The images helped the client facilitate their marketing of Hotel SLO to potential guests; the community received the general, yet thorough, overview of the project they were looking for.