Visual Storyteller: The Inspiration of Remi Anfosso

At the age of eight, Remi saw a movie that changed his life and his relationship to filmmaking. For the first time, he realized that words and pictures could convey complex concepts with ease. “During the intense emotions that followed, I realized I wanted to re-create that discovery for other people,” explains Remi. A year later, Remi borrowed his father’s video camera to shoot his first films. He has not stopped since.

 Years of practice have helped the Frenchman hone and master his craft. For TEN OVER MEDIA, he does it all halfway across the world as an independent contractor in Paris. The group collaborates on shared screens, with Mathieu and his team in the US and Remi across the ocean in a quiet room.

 Creating a moving visual experience is only part of Remi’s quest to make beautiful videos. It takes research, travel, and collaboration with a talented team of artists and technicians. Deep down, Remi wants both his audience and his crew to see the joy of turning deep thoughts, feelings, and emotions into a breathtaking story.

 “The best feeling comes from stepping into the location months after we finish the video, knowing that we nailed it,” Remi beams. “It gives me chills.”

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