Project Site Visits: Where the Magic of 3D Video Begins

Beautiful skies, imposing mountains, and gorgeous landscapes. 3D videos today enable us to see and feel all the splendor of a place even in the comfort of our own home. But where does the Ten Over Media team get their inspiration for creating these 3D films?

The answer comes from a straightforward source: Site visits.

“Lose the expectations”

“Lose the expectations,” Creative Director Mathieu Anfosso says when asked about where to start. He wants to make sure he has fresh eyes for the first visit to each site. “We want to be unrestrained in discovering the unexpected.”

Context is key. “We make sure we get out and see the site multiple times over the course of a few days; sunrise, mid-day, sunset, all of it,” he mentions.

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Site visits help the designers understand the setting at the beginning of the process. “The impact on the video production phase is huge,” he shares. “Whether building the environment or soundtrack selection for the video, we want everything to fit naturally.”

Exploring a new location and translating it into videos is the overarching goal. Luckily, the Ten Over Media team loves to travel and discover new settings. Site visits help the team answer questions like “why do guests come here?” and “what are they looking for?”

”Why do guests come here? What are they looking for?”

 The team also gains inspiration from the project owners’ enthusiasm. “They are so proud to show us everything,” Mathieu says. “Their excitement helps us understand their end goal for the property and how we can work together to show that in our videos.”

Whether through understanding the context of the environment or understanding the context of the client’s goals, Ten Over Media is always ready to get a good understanding of the client’s vision and translate it into emotionally powerful 3D video.


New hotel properties and hotels undergoing renovation can improve their return on investment by effectively utilizing 3D video rendering to get more room bookings well in advance of the properties’ opening.