How To Maximize The Value Of Your Pre-Opening Campaign

Hospitality Pre-Opening Campaigns: Three Tips to Maximize Marketing Value

Worldwide, hospitality companies spend big bucks to advertise their luxury hotels, resorts, and destinations – but how many of these campaigns are truly unforgettable? How can these destinations create not only a memorable campaign, but one that earns bookings prior to opening their doors?


Here are three straightforward but essential tips for effectively using images and videos in a pre-opening marketing campaign.

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Market to your Target Audience, Wherever They Are

Companies who’ve done the research to know their demographic have a distinct advantage in also knowing the best places to advertise or publish in order to reach them. Certain demographics prefer different platforms, and companies must make sure to place their pre-opening content, such as 3D videos and images, where it will have the most impact on their audience.


TEN OVER MEDIA Creative Director Mathieu Anfosso describes a recent conversation where he was told “Your River Run campaign spoke to me more than other campaigns I’ve seen.” Mathieu then asked the person to describe themselves: “Are you a 50-60-year-old looking for a luxury RV stay with friends, family, and grandkids with plenty of on-site amenities and activities? Or are you a 30-40-year-old wanting a basecamp for an adventurous weekend getaway?” Since the River Run campaign mentioned was geared more to the second, younger audience, Mathieu was excited to learn that this person felt a strong pull from those videos – the production had reached the client’s exact target audience.


Maximize Video Distribution

Another key to maximize your video’s distribution is to create multiple touch points for your potential clients to fall back on.

“It’s not just one video or one image that turns a looker into a booker” says Mathieu. “It’s a curated assortment of videos and images that fit into each stage of the buyer’s journey.”

The trick is to make sure that the distribution platform where your content is broadcasted is one your audience constantly uses. “When a client does their research and learns that their audience is on Instagram,” explains Mathieu, “I expect to see a lot of engagement with a video on that platform. It we don’t see the engagement, it may be time to for a demographic check.”


Focus On Value

The TEN OVER MEDIA team sees a majority of effective marketing campaigns revolving around value gained rather than cost.

“Anyone can create videos and images that show a beautiful pool, spacious campsites, or an inviting lodge,” says Mathieu. “We showcase all of that to your target audience while giving them the feeling of being on their favorite vacation. It’s about an experience, not just information.”

“And when customers buy into that feeling and experience,” Mathieu continues. “They will find that special place in their memory where your property should sit. This added value is worth every penny.”

Our River Run case study (link) is just one example of how we can help you maximize your marketing value and distribution so that the right people see and experience your future property.


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