How Your Hospitality Branding Deck Translates to Bookings through 3D Video

Before the shovel hits the dirt: The creative journey from vision to booking

Creating eye-popping videos is certainly cool, but TEN OVER MEDIA’s Film Director, Rémi Anfosso, and team know that driving emotions that turn into bookings is the true goal. And translating marketing materials such as a hospitality property’s branding deck into “I want to visit there!” 3D video is the best way to meet that goal.

CP brand deck for ten over.jpg
CP brand deck for ten over RR.jpg

The branding deck is a perfect starting point. From there, Rémi and the team like to get to the bottom of a client’s vision. “I love meeting them at the project site,” Rémi smiles. “It may be just a bunch of mud, but we love it as they start imagining the buildings, stepping out of reality, and looking toward the future.”


Solid branding decks, with the detail and vision they provide, make the Film Director’s video and sound production straightforward. The TEN OVER MEDIA team are impressed and inspired by the branding decks given to them. “The marketing teams are doing a fantastic job and we are proud to translate their work into a 3D film,” he says. “Branding decks are our blueprints for creating the films; they ensure our films capture the essence of the property." This is possible even as the hotel or hospitality project is still under construction.


“I like to start my creative process with some key words from the marketing team,” Rémi says. “Using their words to come up with feelings I can work around is the process. Capturing those feelings in full by the video is challenging, but so rewarding when we nail it.”


At TEN OVER MEDIA, we recognize that the creative license we experience in our 3D videos can create its own challenge. “We want the viewer to feel connected to the resort through the videos, not the video itself.” Rémi continues. “The goal is to create a film both relatable and realistic yet still extraordinary so that when a potential guest sees it they want to book at the property immediately.”