Hotel Marketing: Creating Emotion & Bookings with 3D Films

Your hotel is undergoing extensive renovations or possibly a brand-new site is under construction. How do travelers experience your property and book before the doors even open? According to TEN OVER MEDIA Film Director, Rémi Anfosso, the answer is integrating 3D films into your marketing plan. These videos are much more than your typical architectural renderings. These are marketing films that tell emotional stories and allow your future guests to experience spaces currently under construction.

Porch swing shot from Carolina Pines.JPG
Jacuzzi at sunset shot from Carolina Pines low.jpg

By integrating well-developed stories into 3D films, you will have guests saying, “I want to stay there!” This creates demand for pre-bookings. And, as research indicates, direct pre-bookings are critical when opening new hospitality spaces.

Film Director Rémi Anfosso has extensive experience shooting in the traditional film and video industry. Although when talking with him, you quickly realize his passion and excitement for directing 3D video. “When creating these marketing films there are literally no boundaries. I am used to shooting on location and live action sets. The first day I did a shooting session with TEN OVER MEDIA, I was going crazy because I could do anything I wanted. The crane shot that would cost a million dollars? No problem. The tree that is blocking a view? Let’s move it.”

These 3D videos are hyper-realistic even though the buildings and interior spaces don’t yet exist. As Rémi describes, “Your future guests have to believe the overhead shots were done by filming from a helicopter. We don’t do crazy-impossible moves with the camera or switch lenses in the middle of a shot, because the audience knows when something looks staged. We spend a lot of energy making this world and your property very believable.”

Having a director in the 3D imagery world is unique. Many other studios create hospitality 3D videos without the benefit of a director. However, in the world of marketing and video it is all about storytelling and emotions. This is where a talented and experienced film director plays a critical role.

Hotel marketing videos need to captivate future guests. Ultimately, telling visual stories about what it feels like to step onto and into your property. Creating these experiences and integrating subtleties is how a film director brings added value. “Too many times, I see that emotion is missing from marketing videos, but emotion is really the only thing your future guests are interested in,” says Rémi.

“I start every project I work on, whether a 3D marketing video or commercial or a narrative film, by listening to what’s being said and also what’s not being said by the clients. People choose their words very carefully when they describe a place. Once I have the emotion that describes a place and research those emotions, it’s like building Legos. It falls into place pretty quickly.”

Camera at firepit shot from River Run low.jpg

One of the goals of 3D video renderings is upon guest check-in they feel the same type of emotions they experienced months earlier when watching the marketing video. Rémi asserts the importance of integrating not only visuals but also sound. In a recent hospitality marketing video created by TEN OVER MEDIA there is an overhead shot of the pool combined with an underwater shot of bubbles. Rémi describes how he didn’t want it to feel like a jacuzzi but wanted it to feel fun and kid-friendly. Making a pool sound very fun without having any kids playing in it is the work of a director. The audience will see and hear these elements, but ultimately and most importantly, they will feel the emotion.


New hotel properties and hotels undergoing renovation can improve their return on investment by effectively utilizing 3D video rendering to get more room bookings well in advance of the properties’ opening.