Get Guests in the Door with Wow-Factor Video

Opening a new hotel or hospitality destination is a huge project. There are a million details to be concerned about, the most important of which is booking guests before the doors even open.

Unfortunately, your messy construction site is not going to entice to your potential visitors.

To get bookings, your guests must experience your property and become familiar with what it has to offer. You’ll want them to feel they’ve dipped a toe in the luxurious pool, sat at the window of the richly-appointed guest rooms with expansive views, and enjoyed all the other delights they can encounter only at your property.

This is precisely why the construction phase is the ideal time to use 3D video in your pre-opening strategy. This technology may be the best tool in your marketing arsenal.

While it’s no secret that video is a powerful marketing tool, this is especially true in the hospitality and travel industry. Expedia tells us that 62% of leisure travelers want to see a video before making their final travel booking decisions and that 45% of travelers book travel immediately after watching a travel video. With video playing such a critical role in hospitality marketing, you’ll want to create high quality content with a wow factor – video that integrates dynamic sights and sounds, transporting your potential customers onto your property and making them wish they could be there now.


“At TEN OVER MEDIA, we create 3D videos that involve so much more than merely architectural renderings. Our hospitality marketing videos enable guests to feel they are actually on the property,” says Creative Director Mathieu Anfosso. “Our process is similar to movie production; our team includes a film director. This is what sets us apart. A director asks, ‘How do I create memories?’ A director creates wow-factor video by getting the audience to access their emotions associated with the property.”


If your hotel or hospitality property is under construction, 3D video can be a powerful marketing tool to integrate into your overall strategy. The secret to building a strong brand and guest demand is to start your marketing efforts well before the property is finished. Pique your visitor’s interest early with wow-factor 3D video that allows them to truly experience your property months before the doors even open. The result is guests checking in on opening day rather than just a ribbon-cutting party and crossed fingers.