Your Hospitality Marketing Needs Video!

When I mention video marketing, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Is it the cool and inspirational video you’ve seen popping up on your Facebook page? Or is it an annoying ad that you can’t seem to get away from? We’ll talk about the annoying ad in another article coming soon, but for now let’s focus on the cool, inspirational version.

Video marketing is a somewhat recent type of advertising and internet marketing in which a business will promote their brand, new product launch, or in our case, raise awareness about a new hotel or property.

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How hotels are using video in their marketing is no secret: it can turn lookers into bookers, and here are the top five reasons why.


1.       Video is Everywhere

We mentioned this earlier, but it’s worth repeating. Basically, anything that has a screen is a good medium for video marketing, from your desktop and television to your smartphone to the local movie theater. In fact, video marketing has become prevalent because it can be used across many platforms and is able to reach many different audiences.


2.       Videos Build Brand Awareness

Because video is everywhere, it is one of the best ways to build brand awareness (the familiarity with your company’s distinct offerings and differentiators). Brand awareness drives consumers’ decisions, so it is essential to increasing market share. Videos increase the length of time people stay on your page, giving your brand message longer to sink in; therefore, the trust factor is raised significantly. Videos can help shape your corporate identity as well as foster a relationship between your brand and your potential clientele.

When working with Adventure Advertising, TEN OVER MEDIA’s California-based team of artists, designers, and filmmakers created 3D architectural renderings and 3D property visualization films to immerse viewers in their upcoming luxury RV resort located in Paso Robles, in the heart of California’s Central Coast. “Building a brand from scratch is a frequent task for us,” says Gina Nacey, President & Executive Creative Director of Adventure Advertising, “but there’s always the challenge of needing custom assets true to the brand experience. We had to find a way to promote its inherent beauty and uniqueness … long before the property was completed.”


3.       A Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words

A well-known infographic by idea rocket explains that if a picture is worth a thousand words, and video shoots at 30 frames per second, a minute video is worth 1.8 million words. This is one reason why video is one of the best ways to convey a message in today’s fast-paced world. According to a study by a team of neuroscientists at MIT, the human brain can process images in as little as 13 milliseconds. This implies that the human visual system is adept at finding concepts, and that a few minutes of video can convey far more information than hundreds of words on a page. Video is particularly suitable for conveying information that is difficult or impossible to express in words, such as emotion and personality.

“In an age where storytelling is so important, the 3D images produced by TEN OVER MEDIA helped enhance our visual storytelling efforts,” explains Lori Keller, CEO at Martin Resorts. “The 3D images allow viewers to immerse themselves in the space and provides a true glimpse of what they can expect once the hotel is complete. It’s a much more impactful and realistic visual than illustrations. Giving our guests a “picture yourself here” moment that builds excitement for the opening.”


4.       Video is Memorable

When it comes to memory, sound and visuals have several advantages over words: Visual cues help us better retrieve and remember information. Videos contain visual imagery, which increases the likelihood that your target audience will remember your story, brand and message. Syndacast and Hubspot report that people spend considerably more time on pages with video than on pages without – 2.6X on average.


5.       Videos are Adaptable

At TEN OVER MEDIA, we have observed that 2-3 minutes of video authentic to a brand is needed to present the experience of a property in way that will build consumer trust. While this length of video is acceptable for a website or video channel, most social media channels don’t accept – and most social media viewers wouldn’t watch – a video this long. Social media is the new search engine, and it is important that your marketing campaign adapt to the new consumer behavior surrounding it. This includes your videos: It’s crucial to present smaller video clips across several platforms. We have found that 7, 12, and 18-second clips are the perfect length for social media channels and drive engagement from our intended audience.

Explains Nacey, “We relied heavily on those life-like assets throughout all marketing efforts starting more than nine months before the property opened – garnering interest, and soon after, reservations!”

Want to turn your lookers into bookers? Contact TEN OVER MEDIA to determine the best 3D imagery services for your audience.