3D Visualization: A Beautiful Marriage of Architecture and Art

Drawing Inspiration from The Wire Frames: Visualization of Architecture exhibition

It’s serendipitous, really. The A+D Museum in Los Angeles hosted The Wireframes: Visualization of Architecture exhibition. That’s when TEN OVER MEDIA’s Creative Director Mathieu Anfosso received a visit from his twin brother and French film director, Rémi. At first glance, one might not recognize the connection, but the current relationship between the brothers and the story of the exhibit share a common theme: architecture meets art and film.

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Meet the Architect

Mathieu, an architect based in San Luis Obispo, California, discovered his passion for creating realistic and compelling 3D videos while working on designing commercial projects. While the TEN OVER MEDIA team was creating one of the first videos, he realized he wanted to give their client more than a video showcasing architecture features; he wanted to give the client a marketing video that tells a story so well that it encourages viewers to pre-book at the property.


Meet the Director

This is when Mathieu called his twin brother, Rémi, who is living in Paris. Remi has worked on hundreds of productions all over the world, including films, television, and advertisements. Rémi recounts the story, “Mathieu starts asking my advice about how to build emotion in the hospitality video he was creating. I paused and said, ‘You do realize this is what I do as a film director? I can contract to be the Director of your firm’s 3D visualization films just as easily as traditional films.’” Rémi continues, “We both laughed. This was the beginning of the two of us working together to create unique pre-opening hospitality marketing videos.”


Inspired by the Exhibition

By all accounts, it’s been an excellent working relationship. Both have a strong work ethic, both believe in being present—focusing on the here and now allows each project to receive their full attention—and both continually seek to expand their skills and talents. So when Rémi came to California recently, the two sought inspiration at the A+D Museum exhibition. Showcasing curated works of art from over 30 architectural visualization firms and artists, the exhibit tells the story and history of how the industries of architecture and computer graphics came together.

 The exhibits provided an opportunity for further exposure and education to the world of visualization. “It was interesting to see so much architectural visualization art in one place.” explains Mathieu. “While there were a wide variety of rendering hand sketches and some nice photorealistic images, there were only a few videos being shown. All were of high quality and true pieces of art.”


Emotional Generosity

Rémi summarized their experience, “The exhibition pieces target design and visual composition, which is beautiful art. TEN OVER MEDIA videos target a vacation life. We allow ourselves to be more generous with emotions. We aim to make people comfortable and feel welcome.”