Mathieu’s passion for 3D visualization stems from his background in architecture and applied arts. He earned his Applied Arts degree at the Léonard De Vinci School in Antibes, France. He then went on to earn both his Bachelor’s and Master’s of Architecture at the École Nationale Supérieure d’ Architecture Paris Val-De-Seine in Paris. “Architecture ignited my passion for the unbuilt, while Applied Arts kindled my passion for the visual story,” explains Mathieu. The two passions merged into a love for 3D video.

 When Mathieu began working as a designer in an architecture firm, he was responsible for creating 3D renderings and videos for hospitality projects. He quickly realized he wanted to give clients more than a video showcasing architectural features; he wanted to produce videos that tell a story. His understanding of the micro and macro aspects of building and storytelling makes him a great Creative Director and great leader. He is creating something with 3D video that grabs the attention of the viewer while still getting into a relaxed, vacation mood.

 “Growing up in a bed and breakfast, I always had to be comfortable discovering the unknown,” Mathieu remembers fondly his time at home. “My parents did such a good job making people feel comfortable and at home. And I try and do the same with my videos.”

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